New math blog at, “where we teach people math, work out problems, etc”. If you need help, head on over there! - D

Yes, the Doctor clearly needs it. -SH

((This is a serious invitation that extends to this account and any of my others: if anyone ever wants to talk, I’ll listen. I can’t promise that I’ll know what to say, but I’ll be willing to listen to anyone that needs to talk. Don’t feel like you’re a burden, because we’re in it together as human beings on this planet.))

((Now, Doctor, you realize that this has more to do with the fact that 1960s TV was obsessed with cheesy sci-fi episodes, whereas the reboot series tries to be a little more realistic (who am I kidding: Dinosaurs on a spaceship?) and sticks to low-budget London shoots.))

((Oh, gosh, I’m starting to read Sherlock like DOUGLAS, now… Cabin Pressure, you’re taking over my mind))